Wednesday, January 21, 2009

     Earthship Communities Embody Answers for Gaza

     The airstrikes by the Israeli military have destroyed many buildings, homes and places of worship in Gaza. The loss of these structures and homes is causing suffering for many people. Some of the people affected are those whom the government of Israel feels deserve such retaliation for the rocket strikes against innocent Israelis, others however, are known to be innocent victims and simply deemed collateral damage. But when these buildings, homes, places of worship and United Nations facilities are bombed more than the buildings are lost. Entire areas of the cities have had their infastructure destroyed. 

     When a building is bombed there is a loss of electricity, sewage and water systems to all the homes, businesses and schools in the area. Just like here in the united states, when a power line or transformer goes down, in one neighborhood, we all lose power. The same goes for the bombing of sewers and city water supplies. Everything is connected. 

     The building of sustainable and independent housing and shelter such as the earthship can greatly reduce this suffering. If the people of Gaza were to adopt an infastructureless community model much like the earthship communities in and around Taos, New Mexico, the loss of one building which may be harboring violent militants will not destroy the ability for the other homes and schools and places of business and worship to lose their power, water or the ability to safely internalize and manage their waste. 

     Although i believe that the road to peace begins with the cessation of such violent retaliation as air strikes, the defensive adoption of an infastrucureless form of community planning could alleviate the suffering caused by the anihalation of a single building in a neighborhood or town. 

     Like many of our failing systems and habitual ways of life, our dependence on systems of infastructure must be addressed now for the security and peaceful lives of generations to come. We need to create new systems where viewing the loss of innocent lives as collateral damage will no longer be acceptable, tolerated or needed, but instead seen as an abhorrent crime against the family of humanity and abandoned. 

     If "collateral damage" is necessary to sustain our "way of life", then sustaining our "way of life" is no longer necessary.

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