Monday, January 19, 2009

"The Pod" and earthship habitat "Serenity" Merge

"The Pod" and earhship habitat "Serenity" merge

What i was working on last night was merging the two ideas, "The Pod" and "Serenity" into one idea, one structure with, like any cell or organism, the ability to evolve built into its design. 

"The Pod" is no more, it has been swallowed into the idea of "Serenity".  The basic starting point will be the first earthship "U" which will serve the purpose of "The Pod" while simultaneously being the first "U" section of the earthship habitat "Serenity"

This will be a simple "U" design with a short greenhouse hallway at either end and an "airlock" style double door at the West end.  Very cold, strong winds and much snow come from the West there, so this airlock/mudroom will be greatly beneficial to the comfort of the dwellers.  Also a large curved wall will wrap around this Western opening out to the West and South to shield the doorway area from the wind and drifting snow.

All subsequent additions to Serenity will be made to the East and will simply entail adding on new and larger, more elaborate "U" sections.  This first area will eventually become a large and spacious (with a loft) bedroom area.

I purchased this land nearly12 years ago, during my son Ravens first year of life.  It was a greatly satisfying move, one full of potential and hope for a peaceful, liberated future.  I always intended to build somekind of structure there, and have thought through adobe, strawbale, even A-fram and finally have settled on an earthship which will provide a habitat which needs no heating or cooling, will internalize my waste and harvest the rain and solar gain and grow a lot of my food.  It will be a wonderful shell to house the shell of my body as i continue to evolve spiritually beyond the shackles of economics towards my original purpose as a creator, a creator of life.  Life, life, and more life. 

It has been hard in the rat race to "get ahead" to the point where the earthship can be built outright and i have decided that now is the time, with the environmental and social climate at its current point, with a new government administration which touts freedom, ingenuity, innovation, sustainability and hope as it's goals, and the emerging blessings of teh events leading up to the 2012 shift in human/earthen consciousness expansion, the new Golden Age, thousands of years of peace.

We do not have to live shckled to the cruel game which is the current notion of economics.  This wicked game has us all in a snare and theree is suffering at both ends of its narrow scope and spectrum.  Current society with its poorly designed economic shackles and inefficient use of energy is a sinking ship. There is another way, one without a mortgage, heating bill, cooling bill, electricity or waste or water infrustructure, the way of the freestanding, earthburmed, solar gain and rain harvesting self sustainable non-polluting earthship.

I am building an earthship . . . i am learning to swim.

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